How do I best communicate my content to my audience?

So now you know what you want to communicate (cool dogs info, opinions, and pics) and who you want to communicate (cool dog fanatics).

How do you do so in such a way that will draw in and engage your audience.

Would cool dog aficionados want photos first? Perhaps a gallery on a home page? Or do you think your opinions about cool dogs will be just as engaging, in which case you might want to find a theme that emphasizes your blog posts well (like this one!).

Choosing a theme is extremely important, especially for sites. So take your time in choosing one. Sometimes it’s best to populate the site first with some content, then go through individual themes to see which ones best feature what you’d like to feature.

Also, here is a good time to know that there’s a difference between themes and WordPress themes.

A couple points to remember here:

  • First impressions are huge!
    • Do you want your audience enveloped by your content right away, or would you like to give them a hint as to what they’re getting into (a large photo, or a brief description)
    • Users have no patience. Make sure important content is “above the fold” and that your most important point or enticement is communicated immediately.
  • Navigation should be easy and intuitive.
    • Navigation menus are not the place to get creative.
    • Left menus and top menus are the most common, and with blogs, a right sidebar is also common.
  • Don’t write too much!