What do you want to communicate?

You’ve got something to communicate. Unless you’re just creating a site to create a site, which is also fine, but even then it might be good to imagine a possible reason for the site.

Say you want to create a site about cool dogs. What do you have?

  • Well, you have some strong opinions about what makes a dog “cool.” And you’d like to express that.
  • You might have some general information from wikipedia about a few breeds that you consider cool as well.
  • So you’ve got two categories of information: opinions (to be expressed) and facts (from wikipedia).

Now, you also might want to illustrate these facts with some media, i.e. photos, audio files, or videos.

I like plain old text because I’m a curmudgeon, but many people enjoy seeing a picture of, say, a kitten. And many themes now incorporate featured images throughout.

It is a good idea to think through your content and, if you don’t have any imagery to associate, collect some. A good place to start is with a Google images search— make sure you search and use only images that allow for your use. This search allows for images that are “free to use, share, or modify, even commercially.”